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The most friendliest place on Earth- well my wife and I think so along with a lot more FOP's When does a place become part of you? Phil


MAIN FOP MEETINGS THIS YEAR  WHERE AND WHEN  .---- Please let us know if you are planning a meet up let us know and we will put the dates on here Thanks

 Roll on the Summer 2014

 Here is the start of FOP Meet ups for 2014

weather in South Rhodes no-repeat; font-size: 12px; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; line-height: 12px; font-weight: bold;">See 10-Day Forecast


2010 A Great Year


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Taxes yuk

To travel on a plane, you pay income tax on your original earnings, you pay VAT, you pay APD, you pay fuel duty, airport tax, tax on transport to the airport, tax for a hotel at the airport, tax on the food you eat while you wait for your flight, the flight crew are all taxed too ... and so on. I wonder just how much actual tax of one kind or another is collected, simply for one flight? Rip off.

From Andy

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Passenger duty



Created by philjt51 aka Hermes Nov 4, 2010 at 11:52pm. Last updated by philjt51 aka Hermes May 21, 2012.

Bikers Beware

The government-mandated crackdown on who can rent a motorcycle or, in some cases even a moped, has Greek motorcycle rental agencies turning away customers – something that does NOT come easily to a Greek business man as you can imagine!

In future then tourists will be required to have a separate motorcycle license from their home countries. The reason for the crackdown? Foreign visitors have been injuring themselves at an increasing rate as alcohol and inexperience combine to take their…

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Ning Site Change

Great Friday 18 April good Friday is the day that becomes the climax of the Drama, where Uncle climax the sufferings of Christ and the crucifixion of Christ at dawn the same day. Until shortly before 11: 00 morning celebrated the liturgy of great Hours where women moirologoyn and cry for Christ while others to worship and pay homage to the stayrwthenta Christ. Than at dawn the same day prepares the epitaph and celebrated vigil in most churches of Greece. At noon the same day apokathilwnetai Christ and placed on the Bier where it will become a procession of the evening. Throughout the day the bells ringing mournfully across Greece and traditionally prohibited any work and becomes a very strict fasting and forbidden and ingestion of oil. In many regions of Greece that day, made an effigy of Judas which either burned or shot and subsequently burned. Also the same day many believers visiting the graves of relatives and friends or the exhumation of the dead if it has passed the required space. this is an extract from a Greek friend:-))




 Have put a Poll on the site (Called POLLDADDY) just for fun, do you book your holiday via internet or travel shop---- click on Polldaddy then Preview to vote thanks


Some Latest News from Me for a change :- All done now and sorted, the Family is back to normal all changes now transferred to a Ning pay site - I have said in earlier texts that I shall pay for the family to keep together, but some of you have asked how they can contribute towards the running of our site, so here is the donation button at the the right hand side now.
Thanks to the people who have given so far.

Google ads on now showing in the column on the right.


The PayPal donation button is now visible on the right column, thanks to those who have already helped  to run the site,  




Hello Phil, Hope you are all very well.... I would like to inform you that GOTORHODES Magazine has been replaced by RHODES ON MOBILE application... I have put all the info of the magazine And the website in the application... It looks Great... and it is FREE to download... on all IPhones & Androids I would like to ask for your help to Get more Downloads of the application....... and LIKES on the new FACEBOOK PAGE Thank you Phil, Stergos Kandimiris



micro lite plane

Started by jim norman in Sample Title. Last reply by jim norman 17 hours ago. 6 Replies

2014 where and when

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anthi maria stu

Started by tina sutton in Sample Title. Last reply by Rog Whittleston yesterday. 9 Replies


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Pefkos in May

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"Thanks for all replies. 2 weeks in august at the pefkos beach so plenty to do if it's not flying."
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 Hi everyone just like to say that I have put a HEADING under HOLIDAY 2014 called /strong>  can you write a summary of your holiday please (it helps through the dark winter months to keep us going till next years hols) the 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 Summaries (sub headings) are still under the Blog heading


                                          @@SPAM AGAIN@@

Huge apologies to those of you that have received a message from MARYMAB65 Try as we might to keep on top of these SPAM messages sometimes they beat us!! Sorry again as I know some of you are offended by the nature of the message's.


For those interested in general Greek Affairs here is a Newspaper that is quite informative 



Hi Folks Don't Forget To Fill In Your API Forms Before You Get To The Airport


For security reasons, the US, most EU States and other countries now require airlines to provide details about their passengers before they travel. This is known as Advance Passenger Information (API).

The API requirements vary from country to country. Your airline will let you know what they need from you. Usually, they will ask you to provide these details when you book yourflightor check in. Contact your airline if you have any questions about API requirements.

Providing your API should not be confused with applying for a visa. You will still need to follow the entry rules for every country you visit, as well as any customs and passport control regulations.



What if API is not completed?

If passengers fail to provide all necessary information this will result in delays at both their UK departure and arrival airport and could result in denied boarding or denied entry to the destination country. It is therefore very important they are informed of this requirement.

Who is required to provide Advanced Passenger Information?

All passengers are required to provide Advanced Passenger Information. Our website is designed to collect information from all customers booking through Thomas Cook Group Tour Operators (Thomas Cook, Airtours, Sunset, Manos, Neilson, Club 18-30, Direct Holidays, Airfares, Return flights booked on Flythomascook, Flexibletrips).

Thomson, Olympic etc

The API form can only be completed between 28 days and 7 days prior to departure.


ps We have done ours over the phone with Thomson's already and we've still got 72 days to go.












Was a great success...we had a brilliant evening with about 50 Fopper's turning up. Fantastic to see so many and finally putting faces to names. Friendships were well and truly made by those of us that had only been 'virtual' friends!! I know some people were a bit 'unsure' (me included) about meeting everyone but for me was great !!

Those of you that came THANKYOU for making it a night to remember !! I will get some piccies on as soon as I can (theres lots of them) but I do need to edit some of them hahahaha

A fantastic time was had by everybody even those that can't remember ;-)

Phil was very happy with the turnout and showed his appreciation with the Black Sambuka !!! He will add his own comments when he returns from his 'little bit of paradise' !!

Thanks to Kyriakos and his staff for brilliant service.


Well what can I say it was fantastic and a big thankyou to ALL the Fuse Too family, it was a brilliant night lots of laughs and the odd suprise,eh Ruby,meeting folks putting faces to names, I could say more but theres more to come when i write my summary ( if I can read my notes!!!!) thanks to Sue and Alan for taking the Photos (not forgetting the girls), A big thanks to Paul for looking after the site whilst we were living it up (next year Paul).
Speak soon in the Chatroom
Black Sambukas any one ------YAMMAS------
From a very humble Linda and myself


HI EVERYBODY....Can you add your details please to THE PEFKOS AND WHEN POST...on the Main Blue Bar top of the Main Page.






Friends of Pefkos



Terms of Service

Please can I remind everyone that this is a family site with young children aged from less than a month to older friends who are aged closer to their 90's. Can I ask you please not to put any photos/material on that might cause offence or embarrasment to anyone. As one of the conditions of Ning is that there are no objectional material on the site (or we could be closed down) can I ask people to remove any topless photos, sorry but that is a rule that I agreed to when starting this site.
I hope that it doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the site.

Blog Posts

Symban - Restaurant • Bar - Pefki, Lindou

Posted by Steve Papastergos on April 3, 2014 at 11:53 2 Comments

Yasas to all,

Just wanted to wish all "kali sezon" and happy holidays to all who will be staying & visiting the area throughout the season.

We are Symban(previously Akanthos) on the main beach road, just opposite the laundromat & Cavos Bar. We are a restaurant, cocktail bar & lounge garden, amphitheatre and pool set in mature gardens.

Pan Asian(Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Malaysian) Med Fusion(Greek & Mediterranean) cuisine on offer along… Continue

Symban - Restaurant/Cocktail Bar & Lounge Garden

Posted by Steve Papastergos on March 9, 2014 at 19:41 9 Comments

Yasas to all of Friends of Pefkos.

Just introducing myself to the group:

My name is Steve Papastergos and I am from the village of Asklipio, near Kiotari Beach. I've spent the last 15 years in England with my family and three children(almost 8 year old triplets!!!). I've worked in the restaurant/bar industry throughout my time in the UK and have always wanted to open a place on the island. Its all really exciting as we believe we found the perfect site for our concept(details…


Stay at Matina 25sep-9oct 2013

Posted by Steven Baker on August 29, 2013 at 10:38 0 Comments

Hi everyone, If you fancy meeting myself and my wife Aileen for a few drinks etc...Give us a shout.


Posted by mark morley on June 23, 2013 at 17:30 0 Comments

Who is in pefkos now

Other websites

I have kept a couple of other websites open as they have a few nice features on them. I will put some links to them so you can have a look at there features but from the end of January this will be the main FOP site,

Phil and Linda
By the way don't forget to go to Debbies site (her fantasticly informative site) for info on hotel.tavernas, and a great map of

with news from people of Pefkos


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